Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is comprised of 6 Members of the Council (but may not include the Leader of the Council and not more that one member of the Cabinet).  8 representatives from the District's parish and town councils (1 per council) will be appointed to serve on the committee as non-voting members.  An Indepenent Person will also be appointed and may attend meetings of the committee as a non-voting member.

The functions of the committee are:

  1. To promote and maintain high standards of conduct by Members and co-opted Members.
  2. To assist Members and Co-opted Members to observe the Council's codes of conduct.
  3. To advise Council on the adoption or revision of its code of conduct for Members.
  4. To advise, train or arrange to train Members and co-opted Members on matters relating to the Council's codes of conduct.
  5. To monitor operation of the Council's codes of conduct.
  6. If requested, consider whether to grant dispensations in relation to a District Councillor or Councillors with a pecuniary interest in a matter proposed for discussion.
  7. Hold hearings into complaints against Councillors and former Councillors of the District and Parish/Town Councils relating to potential breaches of the Code of Conduct that are referred to the committee.


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