Appeals and Complaints Panel

The Appeals and Complaints Panel is comprised of 5 Members of the Council and has the following functions:

  1. Hearing employee appeals in respect of Chief Officers of the Council, with the exception of the Chief Executive, the Section 151 Officer, and the Monitoring Officer for whom other national and local procedures take precedence.
  2. Hearing requests for review of decisions delegated to officers in respect of various housing issues.
  3. Dealing with requests for review of decisions made by officers in the Urban Forestry section in response to requests to carry out work to Council owned trees.

The Panel shall not hear any matters where the decision on the matter is delegated to another body within the Council.  If a matter brought before the Panel includes such matters, or it becomes apparent during the hearing that it includes such matters, the Panel will refer that aspect of the matter to the appropriate body for decision.


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