Notice of Vehicle Seizure

Seized vehicle on back of a trailer

Published: Wednesday 17th April 2024 | 4.01pm

Section 34B Environmental Protection Act 1990



1.    The vehicle and contents described below have been seized under the above Act by Cannock Chase District Council (the ‘Authority’).
2.    The vehicle is a white Citroen registration number OL14TAT, of which a photograph can be found at Annex A.  
3.    The vehicle and contents were seized on 17 April 2024 at approximately 14:00 hours from Cannock Road, Chadmoor.
4.    Julie Turner an authorised officer of the Authority, reasonably believes that offences have been committed under S.33 and S.34 Environmental Protection Act 1990, that this vehicle was used in the commission of those offences, and that proceedings for the offences have not yet been brought against any person.
5.    In accordance with Regulation 7(1) of The Control of Waste (Dealing with Seized Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 this Notice of Seizure will be displayed at the Authority’s offices and published on the Authority’s website for fifteen working days beginning with the first working day after the date of seizure.  A copy of this notice has been served on any registered keeper, any person entitled to take possession of the vehicle should be it subject to a hire purchase agreement, and the chief officer of police for the police area in which the vehicle and contents were seized
6.    Any person may claim entitlement to the vehicle and contents by writing to the address below within fifteen working days after the date of this Notice of Seizure.  A claimant will need to provide to the Authority evidence to establish their entitlement to the vehicle and contents.  As a minimum this must include the claimants name, address and proof of identity and if purporting to be the registered keeper of the vehicle, the registration document.
7.    The vehicle and contents may be sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of in accordance with Regulation 21 if it is not claimed within the claim period or if a claimant who brought a claim within such period is not determined as entitled.
8.    If within the retention period the Authority commences court proceedings for an offence in respect of which the vehicle and contents were seized, the Authority may retain the vehicle and contents and on conviction may apply to the court to make an order for the forfeiture of the vehicle and contents.

Name:      Julie Turner                                                       Signed: 
Date:        17/04/2024                            Title: Environmental Protection Officer


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