Parish and Town Councils

Parish / Town Councils (also known as 'Local Councils') are the first tier of local government in England, with over 10,000 currently in existence.  Further details about the work of such councils is available from the National Association of Local Councils.

In Cannock Chase district, there are eight Parish / Town Councils.  Information about each of the councils can be accessed via the below links to each councils' website:

The following wards of the District are 'unparished', meaning they have no parish or town council in place and as such, the administrative duties for these areas is covered by the District Council instead:

  • Cannock East ward
  • Cannock North ward
  • Cannock South ward (excluding Bridgtown)
  • Cannock West ward
  • Rawnsley ward (exlcuding Cannock Wood)

The work of the parish councils is supported by the Staffordshire Parish Councils Association

Information on how to become a parish/town councillor and copies of Register of Interests forms for current parish/town councillors can be accessed via the menu links on the left hand side of this page.

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