Commercial Waste Collection

Cannock Chase Council does not provide a Commercial Waste Collection Service.

If you require a commercial waste collection service here are some links to companies that operate in the Cannock Chase area:

Biffa Waste Services

Fortress Recycling

Weir waste    

Veolia Waste Services

Sita Waste Services 

The Council is not endorsing/recommending the above companies and there are other waste companies that can be considered.

Small Traders Waste Disposal Scheme

Please visit Trade waste disposal scheme - Staffordshire County Council for more information on this scheme.

Legal obligations and Duty of Care

Everyone has a responsibility, whether a householder or a business, to ensure that they dispose of the waste in a responsible way. This includes ensuring that the person or business that collects your waste has the appropriate licensees and paper work, this is called: Duty of care.

You must:

  • classify your waste and know if it’s hazardous or non-hazardous so you can deal with it correctly
  • register your premises if you produce or store hazardous waste
  • usually get a permit to store, treat, transport or dispose of your waste yourself
  • store your waste safely and securely
  • follow the rules for moving waste off your business premises
  • check that any business you use to deal with your waste is licensed, and keep proof of this – eg take a copy of their licence

You have extra responsibilities if you’re dealing with hazardous waste.

For more information about waste legislation please visit the page on Duty of Care.

Alternatively we have our own duty of care pages


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