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Corporate Plan 2022-26

Cannock Chase District is a place of heritage, strong local identities and vibrant communities.  As a local authority that often `punches above its weight` we are committed to developing fresh ideas, engaging with our local communities, and working more closely with partner organisations.  We also want to work together to achieve our ambitious long-term goals to create a thriving future for the whole of Cannock Chase District.

In our updated Corporate Plan (see below) covering 2022-26 there are now four priorities for the coming years as follows:

Priority 1 - Economic Prosperity

Priority 2 - Health & Wellbeing

Priority 3 - The Community

Priority 4 - Responsible Council

The Plan is not just confined to what the Council is directly responsible for. As a democratically elected public body, our 36 Councillors have a responsibility to represent their constituents across a wide range of issues that affect the quality of life in the District. This ‘Community Leadership’ role means that the Council will get involved in, and comment upon, strategic and service issues that may not be directly within the control of the Council but are important to the District.

The Council works in partnership with a wide range of public, private and voluntary organisations. The challenges facing this District are complex and no organisation acting alone will be able to address these. Making progress means being committed to collaboration within the District, across Staffordshire and the whole West Midlands region.

Our commitment to you is that we will remain focused on the issues that are important in Cannock Chase District, however difficult and challenging these may be at times.

The Corporate Plan can be downloaded in PDF version from the foot of this page.

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