Our Leadership Team

Leadership LogoAs part of a shared services arrangement, Cannock Chase Council and Stafford Borough Council share a Leadership Team. The councils have been successfully working together since 2011 when several corporate and support services became shared.

A joint leadership team came into being in April 2023 as part of a process to share all other services apart from Elections and Cannock Chase’s Housing Revenue Account (HRA).

Here are the members of the Leadership Team with their responsibilities across both Councils:

Chief Executive of Cannock Chase District Council and Stafford Borough Council

Tim Clegg Tim Clegg

Responsible for:

  • All staff and services 
  • Principal policy adviser to the Councils
  • Strategic role, together with the two Deputy Chief Executives, in leading the direction of the Councils in support of both Cabinets
Deputy Chief Executive - Resources / s151 Officer

Chris ForresterChris Forrester

Responsible for:

  • S151 Officer
  • Finance and Revenues & Benefits
  • Law & Governance
  • Transformation & Assurance
  • Returning Officer for Cannock Chase Council
Deputy Chief Executive - Place

gregg stottGregg Stott

Responsible for:

  • Economic Development & Planning
  • Regulatory Services
  • Operations
  • Wellbeing
  • Housing & Corporate Assets
Head of Economic Development and Planning

Dean PiperDean Piper

Responsible for:

  • Economic Development 
  • Planning Policy
  • Planning Enforcement 
  • Development Management
Head of Regulatory Services 

Gabrielle WhitehouseGabrielle Whitehouse

Responsible for:

  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Health
  • Licensing
  • Private Sector Housing
  • Civil Contingencies
  • Building Control
  • Land Charges
  • Street Naming & Numbering
Head of Operations

Joss Presland

Responsible for:

  • Streetscene (inc. Parks and Open Spaces)
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Bereavement Services
  • Fleet Management & Vehicle Workshop
  • Markets 
  • Car Parking
Head of Wellbeing

Anna NevinAnna Nevin

Responsible for:

  • Housing Strategy / Homelessness
  • SBC’s Housing Register
  • Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Leisure
  • Health in all Policies
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Working with the Voluntary Sector
  • Asylum Seekers & Refugees
  • Vulnerable People
  • Community Safety & CCTV
Head of Housing and Corporate Assets

Nirmal SamraiNirmal Samrai

Responsible for:

  • Housing Tenancy Services
  • Housing Property Services
  • Housing Maintenance
  • Housing Service Improvement / ICT Systems 
  • Housing Register (CCDC only)
  • Corporate Asset Management 
Head of Law and Governance 

Ian Curran

Responsible for:

  • Monitoring Officer
  • Legal 
  • Democratic Services
  • Electoral Services
  • Information Governance
  • Civic and Corporate Support
Head of Transformation and Assurance

Judith LogoJudith Aupers

Responsible for:

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Business Planning & Performance
  • Projects & Transformation
  • Customer Services
  • Communications
  • Internal Audit & Risk
  • Health & Safety
  • Procurement


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