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Reach new heights as a team.

Whatever name you give it – bonding, teambuilding, camaraderie – we strive to inspire and connect your team. One of the main reasons why companies book team building trips is to improve communication among their tribe. Go Ape definitely ticks that box. Up in the trees, your tribe will be communicating with one another almost constantly – whether it’s a pep talk at the start of the course, giving one another the all clear to clamber up the ropes, or sharing advice on how to tackle one of our trickiest obstacles (like the Stirrups).

Whizzing through the trees on our zip wires and exploring the forest floor on our Segways (For Segways only available at Cannock Chase) is a sure-fire way of injecting a bit of spirit onto team-building. This kind of team-building establishes a strong sense of trust, motivation and rapport. All tribes leave us with huge grins across their faces and that, to us, means we’ve succeeded in our mission.

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