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Who can claim Council Tax Reduction

Anyone who has a liability to pay Council Tax can apply for Local Council Tax Reduction, even if you already get a discount on your Council Tax, for example if you live alone and receive a Single Person’s Discount. 

Both people of Pensionable age and Working age can apply. Pensionable age customers will have their entitlement assessed under the default national rules. Working age customers however will be assessed under our Banded Scheme Regulations. A copy of these Regulations is shown below. In summary however the main elements of our Banded Scheme is:

•    Anyone with capital and or savings over £6000 cannot qualify for any help

•    There are no non-dependant deductions for any adults living in the property

•    Child benefit is not included in the income assessment

•    Additional help is provided where the applicant or their partner is disabled 

•    For customers who are working a disregard is applied to their earnings.

For an estimate on your entitlement use the on line calculator. To make a claim please use our on line forms page.

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