Nuisances - Bonfires

This page is about problems caused by smoke from bonfires.  Information about smoke from a chimney can be found here.

Smoke from a bonfire can prevent neighbours from enjoying their homes, it pollutes the air, can make breathing harder for people with some medical conditions and harm wildlife.  The bonfire itself can become out of control and dangerous.  The Council therefore encourages residents to dispose of green waste by composting it, using their brown bin or taking it to one of the two Household Waste Recycling Centres in the District.  You can also pay for someone else to remove your garden waste, in a skip or a van for example, but you must make sure they are a registered waste carrier.   

Businesses must not have bonfires.  Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 it is an offence for a business to dispose of waste, including green waste, by burning it.  The maximum penalty upon conviction is five years imprisonment and an unlimited fine.

If a resident does have bonfires, the Council may consider it to be statutory nuisance and serve an abatement notice.  More information about statutory nuisances can be found here.

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