Environmental Protection (Residents)


Our Environmental Protection Unit is part of Environmental Health and has a wide remit that includes pollution control, environmental crime, animal welfare and public health.  The work they do is very diverse, from regulating how businesses operate so that they do not pollute the environment, to investigating criminal offences in the same way that the Police do.  They have a wide range of powers to help them protect the environment, animals and public health.

The Environmental Protection Unit is responsible for:

  • Environmental crime including fly-tipping, littering, dog fouling and waste regulation.
  • Nuisances including noise, smoke, smells, insects, dust and light.
  • Pollution control including contaminated land, air quality management and environmental permitting.
  • Responding to planning and licensing applications.
  • Animal welfare including dog control, stray dogs and pet animal welfare.
  • Pest control including rats, mice and insects.
  • Public health including filthy and verminous premises, smokefree premises and vehicles and insecure buildings.

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Contact Environmental Health

Telephone 01543 462621 or email environmentalhealth@cannockchasedc.gov.uk.

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