Cracking down on Tenancy Fraud

Tenancy fraud imageCannock Chase District Council's Investigation Team has been working closely with the Council's Housing Department (and other Housing Associations across the District) in order to prevent, detect and deter tenancy fraud.

What is Tenancy Fraud?

Tenancy fraud involves obtaining a tenancy to a property by deception.  For example, people claiming to be homeless when they already own a property or are already living at an address, or continuing to claim to be living at a property when they have moved out and have since sublet it.

The Council has a duty to house certain vulnerable members of society, and they are often forced to use temporary accommodation outside Cannock Chase District due to a shortage of housing.

In addition, families or individuals on the housing register are denied housing because people are using properties for profit.  Fraudulently obtaining affordable housing or subletting for personal gain uses up valuable resources that should be available to families in need.

If you suspect a tenancy fraud is happening, please use the online form below ' Report Tenancy Fraud'

REPORT Tenancy Fraud

You can report tenancy fraud by using our online here:


Unlawful Subletting and Non-Occupancy of Council Properties

Cannock Chase Council is committed to making the best possible use of our housing stock.  One of the ways we can do this is by having clear procedures for dealing with properties where the tenant is temporarily absent, not using the property as the main principal home, has abandoned it, or the property is occupied by someone other than the tenant.  The procedure will work in accordance with the Tenancy Audit Procedure.

If you know of a Council property that might have been abandoned or the tenant is subletting the property to somebody else, kindly contact the Neighbourhoods Team on 01543 462621, email us at

Tenancy Fraud Initiative

At Cannock Chase Council we want our tenants and residents to help us identify 'Housing Cheats'.  Housing Officers and Fraud Investigation Officers are working together to detect fraudsters who illegally occupy or sub-let council homes.

Tenancy abuse includes:-

  • Subletting the whole home to a single household
  • Multiple sub-lets within one property
  • Failure by tenant to use a property as their principal home
  • Wrongly claiming a right to succession (retention of a tenancy following the death or departure of the tenant)
  • Key selling' (leaving a property and passing the keys on in return for a one-off lump sum favour)
  • Obtaining a tenancy by making false claims about identity or circumstances

If you suspect tenancy abuse is happening, you can report it to the Council in total confidence using the above online form 'Report Tenancy Fraud'

Tenancy Fraud is Illegal

Tenancy Fraud Poster

Tenancy Audits - Getting to know our Tenants

We are visiting all Council properties to carry out a tenancy audit.  This is to ensure that:

  • The legal tenant is living in the property
  • Sub-letting or other breaches of the Tenancy Agreement is not taking place
  • We hold up-to-date information about you and you can plan future services accordingly
  • You receive information about the service we provide

Our visit is also an opportunity for you to raise any concerns you have with us or to request information about our service or your local Tenant and Resident Association.

When we visit your home we will ask a range of questions and carry out a brief inspection of the inside and outside of your property.  We will also ask you to provide two forms of identification to ensure you are the legal tenant.  One must be a document with your photo such as your driving licence, passport or bus pass.

We may also identify from the visit if you are experiencing any problems or you may require additional support.

If you want to find out more about Tenancy Audits, please contact the Neighbourhoods Team on 01543 462621, email us at or take a look at our leaflet below.


Tenancy Audits - Getting to know our tenants better

Tenancy Fraud Policy

Please see Tenancy Fraud Policy leaflet below:

Tenancy Fraud Policy


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