The Cema - Chapel Street Park in Norton Canes

The Cema - Chapel Street Park in Norton Canes

Works to the park and play area at the Cema - Chapel Street Park in Norton Canes have now been completed.

The community of Norton Canes can now enjoy their new green space and make the most of the newly installed circular pathway with green gym equipment as well as a new play area for children and families. When accessing the park, visitors will be greeted with beautiful pieces of entrance artwork that depict the history of the site. 

A small woodland area has also been created in collaboration with the Forest of Mercia which has included the planting of additional trees and shrubs around the site. A total of 488 native trees and shrubs have been planted thanks to a donation of £12,000 from the Forest of Mercia and the help of the local community. 

The planting of these trees will help to fight against climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide,filtering pollution and improving air quality, reducing flooding and supporting urban wildlife.

In December 2019, Cannock Chase Council’s Cabinet approved the spending of £120,000 to improve the play area and open space at The Cema – Chapel Street Park in Norton Canes. The money has been allocated from Section 106 funds collected from housing developments in the village.

The Council has been working closely with the Parish Council to seek the views of local people on the new improvements. These have been designed to fit into the surroundings and enhance the local environment and are suitable for all ages and interests.

Watch this short video to see how the project has progressed over the last 12 months. 

Read the full press release here. 

If you would like further information about this project, please call Norton Canes Parish Council on 01543 276812 or email



Initial consultation - views on improvements

The first round of consultation launched in November 2020 and closed on 11 January. 

137 responses were received in total with 122 surveys being completed online and 15 on paper.

The results show that the park and play area appear to be well used with two thirds of respondents visiting at least once a week.

Most respondents visit the area for exercise, walking the dog and playing in the park.

The most popular pieces of play equipment that people would like to see in the new play area are swings, wide slides, multi-games area, climbing frames, a zip wire and a roundabout.

Respondents are also keen to see a circular pathway, green gym, more benches and bins as part of the improvements.

The installation of an art feature split opinion straight down the middle. This suggests there will be a need to include art into the finished scheme with the possibility of creating an entrance feature or interpretation panels.

Finally, over 90 per cent of respondents would like to see the history of the site reflected in the design of the play area. This will be incorporated into the design brief for the play area contractors.

The Council is continuing to work closely with Norton Canes Parish Council to develop some design options for the site based on the results of this survey.

The design proposals will go out for consultation after the Easter holidays, so residents will have an opportunity to see the various options available.

The results of this survey are available to download below.


Survey Results - January 2021 .pdf (157.37 KB) 

NEW Design Proposal - Feedback Survey results

Residents living in Norton Canes have expressed their views on the proposed design for the new play area at The Cema – Chapel Street Park.

The Council has appointed Kompan to undertake the works to the play area and a proposed design with its equipment was presented to the local community and schools last month. 

A feedback survey was also launched last month and was available to complete online via the Council’s website. Kompan also delivered a virtual session to local schools which provided an overview of the design and the details behind the theme. A total of 237 responses were received, with over 78% of respondents being under 12 years old.

The results showed that over 90% of respondents liked the new play area and the equipment proposed. The most popular piece of equipment were the swings, with 35% of respondents saying they were their favourite.

The community were asked if there was any equipment that they did not like and over 47% of respondents said no – they liked all the elements shown in the proposal. 

Residents were given the opportunity to identify any equipment that they felt was missing from the proposal with a trampoline, monkey bars and a zip wire being the most popular additions. 

The results also showed that some respondents felt that the proposed equipment will be more suited to younger children.

Approximately 35% of respondents also stated that they were excited about the new park and what it will bring to the local area. 

The short feedback survey also asked the community about their thoughts on the new entrance way art feature that will be created and sited in the park. The most popular theme for the artworks was mining with over 39% of respondents choosing this option.

These results will now be fed back to Kompan for consideration when finalising the design for the play area.

The results of this survey are available to download below.


Results of Feedback Survey .pdf (224.37 KB)


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