Road Closure - Temporary Closure Request

Requesting a temporary road closure order within Cannock Chase District

Although Staffordshire County Council is the local highway authority, Cannock Chase Council does have the discretionary power (under the provisions of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847) to make a Temporary Road Closure Order to facilitate an event such as a street party, fun run, carnival procession, Remembrance Sunday parade, etc. The Council will normally make such an order provided the applicant/organiser has properly consulted with the relevant emergency services and the County Council and that sufficient prior warning of the event has been given (please note that CCDC require at least 4 weeks’ notice to be given when applying for a road closure).

There is a fee payable to cover the legal costs for the preparation and issuing of a Temporary Road Closure Order if the applicant is a business or statutory body such as a Parish or Town Council. However, no fee is currently charged if the applicant is an individual organising a street party for friends/neighbours, or is a registered charity organising an event for a charitable purpose.

To apply for a Temporary Road Closure Order

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or please contact:

Telephone: 01785 619233

(Please note that under a shared legal services agreement Stafford Borough Council deals with requests for road closures for the Cannock Chase District on behalf of Cannock Chase District Council). 

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