How to Apply for a Garage

Cannock Chase Council owns various garage sites across Cannock, Hednesford and Rugeley. You do not need to be a Council tenant, anyone can apply.

Garages are let on a weekly basis with the tenancy beginning on the Monday after the acceptance of the offer.  The rents are subject to an annual review by the Council.

The garage's sole purpose is to house a motor vehicle.  You should not use the garage for storage of items or for any other purpose that may cause nuisance or annoyance to neighbours or that may be a fire hazard.

If you are interested in renting a garage, the rent will vary depending on whether you are a tenant.  Non-Cannock Chase Council tenants will pay a commercial rent which is subject to VAT, whereas tenants are not obliged to pay VAT.

How do I Apply for a Garage?

Applying for a garage is easy, simply complete the application form in the leaflet below, please tick which of the garage sites you are interested in (subject to availability).

Council tenants are given priority over private residents on the waiting list.  Priority on medical grounds will only be given in exceptional circumstances or if you are a registered disabled applicant with an adapted vehicle.

There may be a waiting list for certain areas so applications will be treated in date order.


Apply for a Garage (including how-to guide)

How do I pay my Rent?

A garage tenancy will only be offered to the tenant of a Council dwelling if the rent record and tenancy has been maintained satisfactorily.  

Our preferred methods are:

  • Direct Debit
  • Standing Order 
  • Online
  • by telephone using Debit/Credit cards, call 01543 462621

You will be issued with payment card and payments can then also be made:

  • At Payzone oulets
  • At the Post Office

Garage rent is due each Monday payable in advance. This alternatively can be paid monthly in advance by agreement with the Income Management Team. 

Other Information and Policy

Garage tenancies are allocated to applicants on the waiting list in order of priority and date of application.  Council tenants are given priority over private residents on the waiting list.

A garage tenancy will only be offered to the tenant of a council dwelling if the rent record is clear and the tenancy conducted satisfactorily.

A Council tenant who accepts the tenancy of a garage on their own estate which is some distance from their home may apply for a transfer to a nearer site which will be dealt with when their turn is reached and a garage becomes available.

Private residents can only be granted a garage tenancy if there is no council house tenant willing to take on the tenancy.

If you do not at present own a vehicle and are interested in a garage tenancy, the completion of the application implies that in the event of you accepting a garage tenancy you will obtain a vehicle within one month from the date on which the tenacy commences.

For full information please download our Council Garage Policy below.


Council Garage Policy


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