Homelessness Reviews

What we do

Receiving a decision that you do not agree with can be very stressful, we understand this.

The Homeless Review is an independant service that generally looks at cases where it has been decided that you are only entitled to advice and assistance to secure a home.

What should happen if you request a review

  • You should request a review within 21 days of receiving the letter or the Council making this available for you.
  • You should receive an acknowledgement letter with contact details of the reviewing officer who will detail -
  • The amount of time you have to give us any new information that you would like us to take into consideration
  • The amount of time the Council has to complete your review

What if there are mistakes in my first decision or my situation has changed

  • If there are mistakes or your situation has changed, we can change the decision and help you to secure accommodation.
  • Sometimes even if there are mistakes, we may still decide that the Council should still provide you with advice and assistance to secure a home
  • In any case we will always write to you to explain our reasons and give you a chance to chat face to face.

What if you still disagree

  • If you still disagree you can ask the court to take a look at the decision.
  • All we ask that you remain respectful to our staff.
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