Tenancy Support

Tenancy Support

Tenancy Support Services in Cannock Chase District

Tenancy Support Services are not provided by Cannock Chase Council, but by a range of organisations including Housing Associations and specialist support agencies.

If you have any difficulty in contacting one of these providers staff in the Supported Housing Team 01543 462621 will be able to provide you with up-to-date details.

Why is this relevant to me?

You may have held your tenancy for a number of years, just about to start a tenancy or simply considering making an application for housing with the Council, Housing Association or Private Landlord.

You may feel that you are not coping or may not cope with your tenancy obligations, household budgeting or the whole complex process of setting up a home for the first time.

You may believe that one of the providers listed might be able to support you through your problems/issues. In that case you can contact them directly to see if they can help you, or you can ask a Housing Officer or another person you know to make the referral on your behalf.

Another person, may be a support worker from another organisation, social worker, friend or relative that you may have advised that you need support/ assistance.

(Note: a referral can only be made with your express permission)

What is Tenancy Support?

Tenancy Support is a free service aimed at those who already hold a tenancy (Council, Housing Association or Private) or who are soon to begin such a tenancy, who require help and support to ensure that their tenancy succeeds.

The support is allocated on a need basis and is not available as a right. The service is intended to last no longer than 2 years. Most clients receiving Tenancy Support, however; find that after 12 months or even less they no longer require the support as they have established themselves in their home, and have control over the management of their affairs or issues that caused them to seek support.

Tenancy Support does not replace the work of a nurse, social worker, drug/alcohol adviser, Probation Officer or other statutory agency. It compliments and fills in some of the gaps that the support you are getting from elsewhere does not cover.

Who provides Tenancy Support?

Tenancy Support is provided to you by a Tenancy Support Officer who is employed by either a Housing Association or other Support Service. Their employer is funded  by the County Council through a Supporting People Grant. The source of the grant is Central Government. The supporting people grant is monitored by the County Councils Joint Commissioning Unit who are also responsible for investigating any complaints concerning the services that are funded by Supporting Services.

How do I get support?

There are various routes to obtaining the support of a Tenancy Support Officer, firstly, you or the person representing you  needs to identify the most appropriate Tenancy Support Service for your needs (see below). Help in deciding which provider to approach can be provided by the Housing or Housing Options Teams.

Each provider produces their own detailed literature outlining the service they provide, so it is always best to make contact with them before you apply or ask to be referred to them.

Once a provider has received your application or referral they will assess your needs and check that they are able to meet them, this may involve meeting you. If you are successful they will either begin to support you or advise you when the support may commence or help refer you to an alternative provider. Should you disagree with their refusal to provide you with support all providers have an appeals system which they will advise you of upon request.

What can a Tenancy Support Officer do for me?

Tenancy Support Officers do not provide care and do not do tasks such as shopping. However; if required they may go shopping with you to support you in gaining confidence in what to buy, where to go and what you can afford to spend.

Listed below are key tasks that a Tenancy Support Officer can provide for you:

  • Advice, advocacy and liaison
  • Access to local community organisations
  • Culture-specific counselling/emotional support
  • Help to develop domestic/life skills
  • Help in finding other accommodation
  • Emotional support, counselling and advice
  • Help in establishing personal safety and security
  • Help in establishing social contacts and activities
  • Help in gaining access to other services
  • Help managing finances and benefit claims
  • Help in setting up and maintaining a home or tenancy
  • Help maintaining the safety and security of the dwelling
  • Liaison and advocacy support from the same ethnic group
  • Peer support and befriending
  • Risk Assessment
  • Sign posting to culture specific health/treatment services
  • Sign posting to culture specific legal services

Not all of these services will be available for every Tenancy Support Service and in cases where you are supported  by a Specialist Tenancy Support provider such as one supporting your mental health issues, deafness, drug/alcohol rehabilitation etc, some more specific support may well be provided.

Listed below is a brief outline of all the Supporting People  funded Tenancy Support providers working in the Cannock Chase District, plus some additional support agencies that may also be of assistance to you or someone you know: 

Support Providers

Accord Housing Association -

At Home Floating Support or Dementia Services

Tel: 01527 591170


Imagine a world where no one has to live through an abusive relationship or feel trapped in the cycle of abusive behaviour.

0330 0945 559, 9am-5pm

Website: https://findtheglow.org.uk/home/

Email: support@findtheglow.org.uk


At Concrete, we believe a simple truth that everyone deserves a place to call home.

0330 0945 558, 9am-5pm

Website: https://thisisconcrete.org.uk/

Email: hello@thisisconcrete.org.uk

    BID services

    Support service for deaf/deaf blind and hard of hearing individuals providing housing related support.

    Helen Butcher (Social Worker) - Tel: 0121 246 6100 - Minicom: 0121 246 6101 - Fax: 0121 246 6141


    Community Network Service - Floating Support for adults with learning difficulties

    Young Families Scheme - Accommodation Based Support for young families aged 16-29yrs

    Bromford Support - Tel: 0330 1234034

    Heatun Housing Association

    Tenancy Support for ex-offenders

    Tel: 01902 862693

    Sanctuary Supported Living

    Sanctuary Supported Living provides housing for people experiencing enduring mental health difficulties and learning disabilities. All support, often in partnership with other agencies, is person-centred and enables the individual to achieve their goals and aspirations and develop the skills they need to live independently. Avalon House is situated in a quiet residential area close to local amenities.

    Avalon House - Tel: 01543 578332 Monday - Friday 9.30am - 3.30pm

    Staffordshire Womens Aid

    DV floating support outreach. Breaking the cycle of DV.

    24hr help line and referral number - Tel: 0300 330 5959

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